2011 June

a starting out

Starting Out

Heading out for our weekend in Steamboat Springs. Hubby and yours truly, Katagram ! Many of the shots you will see in the next few days are taken from the back of our bike you see here. I am pretty pleased with the turn out. The trip was amazing. Hot weather, good people, food and […]

Berthoud Pass runoff

Runoff on Berthoud Pass

The high temps around are causing fast and hard runoff in the high country. Flooding some areas. Hubby and I took a weekend on the Harley and I did some shooting while he drove. This shot is traveling at 45 miles per hour, shooting fast and hoping for the best. I am pleased with the […]

me shooting me

Me shooting me

ok, sometimes a photog needs to be silly…this is me, being silly 6.24.11

Blue Columbine, Colorado State Flower

Blue Columbine, Colorado State Flower


Gary's Flame

Gary’s Flame

Gary got the barbie going for a fantastic anniversary dinner for hubby and I. The flame was as hot as the food was mm mm good !!! 6.24.11

Moes Haulin

Moe’s Hualin

A guy my husband know from work. If you need something hauled off…well, read the sign !! Here ya go Moe..as promised LOL 6.24.11

Teri's craft

Teri’s Craft

Teri is an amazing bead worker. This is a macro shot of some ear rings she recently finished. I was showing her my craft and how amazing  hers looks through mine. 6.25.11


Where is Charlette

Natural colors behind this web. Taken in Steamboat Springs on a walking bridge over a very swollen river from Spring run off. 6.25.11

a bit tough

A bit tough

This little guy found a sandwich left by someone. The meat seemed tough to chew. 6.25.11

sleeper house

Sleeper House

One of the most famous houses in Colorado. The Sleeper House. Woody Allen made the Movie “Sleeper” at this House