Hunger for Pollen

Hunger For Pollen

Yellow Jackets and Jelly

Yellow Jackets N Jelly





one coming and one going

Coming and going

One bug coming to the flowers, another going away from the flowers… yeahaa !!

shadow dancing

Shadow Dancing

If you look at the petal just below the green bug you will see his shadow. Ok, I admit I am good at macro bug shots.

Rose bug

Rose Bug

A little bug on a wild rose

coming in fast

Coming In Fast

A little tiny bug (seems I am turning into a macro bug photographer) flying to a flower.  His size is maybe the size of an ant.

Lilac and bug

Lilac and Bug

When it is hot outside, the bugs come out. This Lilac bush was covered in both flowers and bugs. So, I captured both.

delicate steps

Delicate Steps

This flying bug would not move away from this tiny flower. If I stepped away, he would move away, when I stepped back to shoot the flower, he would fly back. So, I shot the bug.